Empower Your Church for Evangelism

by David Howell

In my 40 years of ministry, I have met many pastors and regular church members who have a passion for reaching the lost, and they want that soul-winning passion to sweep across their communities. Imagine if every church was not just filled with followers of Jesus but fervent messengers of hope bringing souls to Christ.

Are most churches fully equipped for this charge? Do they possess the confidence and the means to fulfill the Great Commission—to share their testimonies with others and make new disciples of Jesus?

I believe Prison Evangelism can help, and it does not cost churches a penny.

EMPOWER YOUR CHURCH FOR EVANGELISMAt Prison Evangelism, we have crafted a tool that pierces through barriers and speaks directly to the heart. The book How to Be a Child of God presents the gospel in simple, easy-to-read language with full-color illustrations. We have used this book in the hardest imaginable places—in prisons, jails, and correctional institutions across America.

And when they read it, they come to Jesus! Prisoners have said, “Finally, a book I can understand!” Not only is it understandable, but best of all, it equips those brand-new believers to immediately begin sharing their faith and bring more people to Christ.

Here at Prison Evangelism, we believe in local churches like yours, and we want to partner with you and your pastors by sharing this proven resource. We would like to give it to your church for FREE. In fact, we will send one for every family in your congregation—just have your pastor let us know how many copies you will use.


We can also provide you with a PDF of the book, a digital flip-book format, an animated video version of the book, and digital copies in 31 different languages. We have created these resources and seen them work so effectively, producing so many testimonies, that we want to get them into the hands of every church possible.

The harvest is plentiful, and the laborers, such as you and your church, are ready! We want to equip everyone with this resource, which has proved successful even in the most arduous of conditions. If you are a pastor or church leader, please request your complimentary copies today or watch our short video to learn more.

Otherwise, please consider speaking with your pastor about this. You can forward this email, but nothing is more effective than a conversation with them. This one conversation could result in a multiple of lives being transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your area!



David HowellAfter many years of living a self-centered and self-absorbed life, David Howell received the strength and hope of a new life through Jesus Christ. In 2014 he began the ministry of Prison Evangelism with a bold passion to see hearts changed and prisons closed. David’s book, How to Be a Child of God, is an easy-to-read presentation of the gospel designed to help people experience hope, forgiveness, and identity in Christ. To date, over 1.7 million copies of this book have been distributed, and it has been translated into 31 languages.

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