4 Steps to Create a New Habit

by Michael Hyatt

Each of us have habits that affect how we move through our days. Whether it’s prepping our coffee makers the night before, exercising at the same time every day, loading the dishwasher a certain way, or just how we get ready for bed every night. These actions have become automated—our subconscious takes over and we don’t think about performing them anymore.

Because most of our habits were formed without much thought, the challenge so many of us face is how to create intentional new habits. We try to get into an exercise routine, but our strong start fades out. We decide to read before bed instead of binging shows, but eventually we let our tiredness overtake us. We plan on packing a lunch for work every day, but then opt to eat out instead—it’s just easier. Is there really any hope in creating a new habit that will last?

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