6 Ways to Battle Ministry Loneliness

by Jonathan Hayashi

Preparation for church ministry can be extensive, but too often pastors are unprepared for the isolation and loneliness that comes with ministry.

A 2021 study from Lifeway Research found that although fewer than 1 in 6 pastors say conflict drove them from the pastorate, many pastors have experienced conflict in the church. Most pastors (69%) say they dealt with some type of conflict in their last church, and most (80%) expect to confront it in their current church in the future. Fewer pastors experienced conflict over doctrinal differences (12%) or politics (8%) than personal attacks (39%), proposed changes (39%), lay leaders (38%), or expectations about the pastor’s role (28%) or leadership style (27%).

I knew ministry would be tough, but there aren’t words to describe the piercing wound a pastor experiences when church members share they’re leaving the church.

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