Empowering Children with an Unshakeable Faith that Can Change the World

Empowering Children with an Unshakeable Faith that Can Change the World

by Lee Ann Mancini

As parents, we all share the desire to see our children grow into God-loving adults. Yet, in this increasingly anti-Christian, humanistic culture, the task has become more challenging. Biblical values have been turned upside down, and our children are walking away from their faith in alarming numbers, often starting in middle school. We, as parents, also face daily pushback against our own Christian walk. It is a difficult journey, and it is important to acknowledge the challenges our children face.

So, how do we raise disciples for Christ, whose faith is unshakeable and can literally change the world? We must consistently commit to intentional modeling, nurturing environments, and incorporating biblical faith into daily routines. Here are six empowering tools for parents.

1. Personal Transformation
The journey to empowering our children and impacting the world often begins with a personal transformation. Deepening our understanding of God’s teachings and embodying His love and compassion is critical because it is transformative. This involves regular prayer, studying Scripture, and cultivating virtues such as humility, empathy, and forgiveness. It is a journey that can inspire hope and change.

2. Model Faith
Children are keen observers who learn more from what they see their parents do than from what they hear them say. This realization empowers us as parents to align our actions with our words.  Simple practices like worshiping God throughout the day, reading the Bible openly, praying together as a family, and incorporating Scripture into conversations can make a profound impact. They help children witness firsthand what living faith and loving God looks like, and they empower us to be the role models our children need.

3. Build Disciples
Raising disciples involves nurturing our children in their faith journey and equipping them to spread the message of Christ. Decorating children’s rooms with biblical themes and creating dedicated spaces for family discussions, regular devotions, daily prayer, and Bible study immerses children in an environment that reinforces their faith. Does your child’s room reflect Disney or Destiny Land? Children will remember what they see and hear their whole life.

Raising Kids to Follow Christ4. Cultivate Critical Thinking and Resilience
Life is filled with challenges, but they also provide valuable opportunities for children to witness faith in action and develop critical thinking skills. Encouraging children to voice their feelings and suggestions, ask open-ended questions, and involve them in problem-solving processes equips them to approach difficulties with resilience and faith. Asking them their opinion before giving them an answer helps them to become critical thinkers and offers us the opportunity to respond effectively.

5. Social Engagement and Cultural Influence
Living in alignment with Christ’s teachings means prioritizing love, integrity, generosity, and stewardship of resources. Exposing children to other Christians who live out their faith validates what it means to be part of a loving Christian community where people learn from each other and hold one another accountable. Be an active member of a Bible-believing church. Practice generosity with your time and resources. Volunteer with your children at church and charitable organizations to help them develop empathy, sympathy, and communication skills.

6. Have Fun on the Journey:
Children learn best when they feel loved and safe while having fun. Raising kids to follow Christ is simply the worldview you are instilling in them by how you live and what you value. Simple things work very well. When your baby looks in a mirror and smiles at himself, say, “Jesus loves you,” and give him a big hug. You are connecting happy emotions with the name of Jesus. Instead of telling your little one, “Time for a nap,” say, “Let’s take a Sabbath rest,” and then say a prayer. You are creating a category and vocabulary in their mind; you can explain the full meaning when they are older. Engage your child’s emotions to solidify biblical concepts by using a piece of cake or candy to explain what temptation is. Place it on the table and tell them they can eat it or give it to a needy child. Discuss their feelings and options, then enjoy the sweet treat together. You will grow spiritually as you organically teach your children about the love of God in the everyday things you do. Have fun watching your precious child grow into a strong and caring ambassador for God that you are praying for him or her to become.

Lee Ann Mancini’Lee Ann Mancini’s passion for helping parents raise Christian kids whose faith is unshakeable led her to write Raising Kids to Follow Christ, Instilling a Lifelong Trust in God. Its pages are filled with practical applications, fun activities, in-depth research, and expert advice on how to be the best spiritual leaders for our children. Lee Ann is the CEO and founder of the nonprofit organization Raising Christian Kids. She is the award-winning author and executive producer of the Sea Kids books & TV series. Visit www.RaisingChristianKids.com for free resources.

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