Live updates - Israel at war: At least 1,200 killed, Hamas claims over 100 in captivity

Live Updates – Israel At War: At least 1,200 Killed, Hamas Claims Over 100 In Captivity

by Christian Leader Update

Sirens sounded Saturday morning in Israeli cities and towns throughout the Jerusalem area, central Israel, and southern Israel, prompting the IDF to declare “Operation Swords of Iron.”

Multiple civilians reported hearing loud explosions in their immediate vicinity; as of 7:30 PM on Saturday, at least 3,000 rockets had been fired toward Israeli civilians.

Parallel to the rocket attacks, hundreds of terrorists infiltrated multiple Israeli communities, overtaking Israeli towns on the Gaza border, murdering Jews, and taking others back to Gaza as captives. At least 700 were killed, dozens were kidnapped, and over 2000 were injured in the attacks.

In response to the attacks, the IDF launched Operation Swords of Iron and has since been striking terror targets in the Gaza Strip.

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Originally posted on Israel National News

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