8 Tips to Add Time Margin to Your Day

by Ron Edmondson

What if you could find more time margin in your work day?

How could you fit more activity into an already busy schedule?

I’ve learned I have to be intentional to create more time margin in my schedule – to do the things I want to do and the things I need to do.

8 ways to create more time margin:

Prioritize your life.

What do you value most? Without knowing this we find ourselves chasing after many things that have little value. If you haven’t identified a set of values for life, start here.

Stop unnecessary time-wasters.

If every night includes three hours of television, don’t be surprised you didn’t get to spend a lot of quality time with your children. Most of us form bad habits of doing something that waste bulks of time. Make a list of what you spend the most time doing and see if there are places you can cut.

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