New Exodus? 4 Reasons Why People Are Leaving the Church (Including Christians) 

by Carey Nieuwhof

You’ve probably noticed. Leading a church is more confusing, frustrating, and complex than ever.

In this post, I’ll share some surprising data that shows why leading a church feels that much harder, and some observations and suggestions that I hope can help point you in a more promising direction.

Please hear the tone of this post. I’m a huge believer in the mission of the local church.

I continue to be part of the local church and am doing all I can to support our church and churches around the globe.

So as hard as the news is in this post (and the self-reflection it provokes), I’m believing in a strong, fresh future for the church, its leaders, and its people.

That said, the trends developing over the last two years are more than a little alarming.

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