How to Improve Conversion of Single-Gift Donors to Multi-Gift Donors

by Darrell Law

Converting single-gift donors to multi-gift donors is a challenge many nonprofits face. Multi-gift donors are crucial for the sustainability of nonprofit organizations, as they provide a stable source of revenue. In this article, we’ll explore strategies to help you convert more single-gift donors to multi-gift donors.

Understanding Single-Gift Donors

Single-gift donors are individuals who have donated to your organization once but have not yet made a second gift. They may have different motivations for not making another donation, such as a lack of information about your organization, lack of trust, or simply forgetting about your organization. Our experience has shown that if you do not receive a second gift within the first 90 days, the likelihood that the donor will give again reduces to less than 10%. Understanding the characteristics and motivations of single-gift donors is key to converting them to multi-gift donors.

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