Be a Leader Who Gives Others a Voice

by Jenni Catron

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you’ve offered advice to someone and for whatever reason they didn’t listen to you? You’ve spent time pouring your heart and soul into them, offering advice that you think is important for them to hear but got no response.

Then someone less connected comes along, says the same thing, and their advice gains acceptance. The new voice gets the credit for what you’ve been saying all along.

It happens all the time. With our families. With our friends. With our staff.

For much of my leadership life, I’ve been irritated by this dynamic. I can give direction over and over, but it’s often an outside voice that breaks through.

Often I’m tempted to double-down and try to be more emphatic with my direction or coaching. My team “should” listen to me. “I’m the leader” is the reframe in my mind.

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