Crafting a Marketing and Communications Plan for Your Next Project

by Laura Denner

Whether you are a nonprofit or ministry trying to raise money for your next capital campaign or communicate with your existing supporters about a new program or product offer, having a solid, comprehensive marketing and communications plan (sometimes called an implementation plan) will help you and your team map out a course of action to successfully achieve the goals, strategy, and metrics you set for the campaign or project.

This can seem like a daunting task if you or members of your staff or team have never done this before.

Where do I even start? Is it difficult? How much time do I need to commit to crafting my marketing and communications plan?

These are questions that might be circling in your mind right now. Rest assured; you are not alone!

It may take you some time (and a few written drafts!) but once you have the finished product in hand, you’ll have a blueprint that clearly defines and illustrates each step you need to take to effectively launch and monitor your campaign or project!

So, what exactly are the building blocks of an effective marketing and communications plan?

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