How Ministries Can Leverage YouTube To Reach Millions

by George Konetes

Many ministries are on YouTube, but they are not leveraging YouTube. There is a difference. Having a presence and getting traction are not the same thing. To make an impact with YouTube, it must be used intentionally as a distinct video communication channel. If you just use YouTube as a hosting platform for video that is from or for other purposes that is fine, but if you want to use YouTube as a proactive tool then other strategies are needed.

The default way ministries tend to think about YouTube is as a place to put their video so a larger audience can find it. And this is okay, but if you want to have an impact ON YouTube then you must create original content that is FOR YouTube.

Ministry television content does not tend to work well on YouTube, neither does podcast content, or Facebook content. YouTube is a different platform and people use it differently. Audiences rally around different things. And that is what you must do; you must become a rally point for an audience. Just because content is good does not mean it will work on YouTube, and unfortunately just because something works on YouTube does not mean it is good.

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