3 Ways to Develop Your Team

by Jenni Catron

Who is responsible for developing your team?

You are, of course!

If that was the answer you were expecting to hear from me, you’re actually mistaken … sort of.

You have meeting agendas to set, quarterly sales or contributions reports to review, fires to put out regarding HR situations, client or congregant communication to handle, strategic planning and goal setting to do, vision to cast … not to mention spending time with family, friends, fitting in some exercise, an occasional book read for pleasure.

When are you supposed to find time to also teach the up-and-coming, talented young leaders on your team—the ones you’ve painstakingly hired, who you see nearly unlimited potential in—how to grow into their calling and hone their leadership instincts? How can you fit development and coaching that’s intentional and personalized into an already packed schedule?

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