The Importance of Thank You By Douglas Shaw

by theim

Saying Thank you to donors is necessary and profitable

Saying thank you – it sounds so simple, right?

There’s a great Wallace Shawn line from the classic movie, The Princess Bride, that always come to mind whenever I hear the annual poll results of donors’ top two giving complaints:

(1) not being thanked for a recent gift and

(2) never told what their gift accomplished.

It’s actually a word, more than a line, but I can still hear the lispy word pouring out of Vizzini’s mouth over and over again, “incontheiveable!”


I can’t even for a moment, conceive of receiving a gift, of any amount, without saying “thank you” to the person who just made the decision to take the heart action of giving a gift to my cause. I can’t fathom it! I don’t understand it!

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