What Damar Hamlin Showed Us About Prayer

by Glenn Beck

Monday Night Football has been credited with saving television in America. With virtually everything else moving to on-demand streaming platforms, the NFL’s Monday Night Football has remained among the most-watched live broadcast programs in the world. Monday Night Football is one of the highest-rated shows in the U.S. each week, with millions of Americans tuning in to watch the live game.

Last night, during what otherwise appeared to be a routine play on the field, Damar Hamlin, a defensive player for the Buffalo Bills, suffered what the league is calling a “contact-related” cardiac arrest. Quite simply, he was struck in the chest during a tackle, and the result of the contact was that his heart simply stopped. Within a couple of minutes, medics were performing CPR in front of the crowd of 60,000 in the stadium and more than 100 million Americans watching from home. The game was completely canceled as medics were fighting to save Hamlin’s life as the audience watched in quiet horror. As of this morning, Mr. Hamlin is in critical condition and hospitalized.

Aside from being considered an excellent player, Hamlin was also a volunteer and activist for positive change in his community, helping to use his fame and platform to raise millions of dollars each year for local charities supporting youth education and health.

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