A Year-End Personal Evaluation By Dr. Brian S. Simmons

by theim

Learn How to Effectively Complete a Personal Evaluation

Now is the best time of the year for personal evaluation.

This past year was a BIG one for our family.  We have a new normal!  Seven of our 12 grandchildren live here in Lexington, SC near us!  And, number 13 is on the way!! My wife, Bonnie’s, parents are in the Clinton season of afterglow and both approaching 90 years old, and we moved into a new home on Lake Murray in February.  Dr. Scott Rodin and I worked closely together to establish a new Center for Steward Leader Studies, and Columbia International University where I serve as Associate Provost for CIU Global is growing!  In the midst of all of the busyness, it is important from time to time to step back and think.  So, let me challenge you to make time for a year-end personal evaluation.

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