How to Avoid the SPAM Folder

by Darrell Law

Regular communication with your donors helps build loyalty, improves retention of those hard-earned donors, allows you to share the impact and stories that your supporters help make happen, and gives you an opportunity to say “THANK YOU!”

There are multiple ways you can communicate with your donors — direct mail, social media, call blasts, text messages, in person, and email.  As a result of the unpredictable changes with Facebook’s algorithm, your posts are not always guaranteed to show up in the newsfeed of your followers.

Email is a cost-effective way to communicate directly with your supporters and donors without the concern of your message being suppressed by an organization that does not agree with your content. So email is a very effective tool in your donor communication toolbox.

Some organizations have made the strategic mistake to not acquire emails and only focus on growing their social media fans. You need to do BOTH! Multiple touch points to communicate and engage with people are valuable.

But you must know how to avoid the archenemy of email: SPAM or the Junk folder.

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